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Cheapest Biodiesel Ever !!! From Animal Fat !!!

How to make a biodiesel from animal fat? My BMW 525 TDS loves it... i love 1/10 of costs... :o) Very good and very cheap fuel, for diesel engines. Fumes smell like a doughnuts :o) Power sleeping in pigs !!! How to call such a car? Pigwagen? :D

Tags: alt energy, animal fat, biodiesel, biofuel, bmw, engines, ester, ethanol, fat, free energy, glycerol, hydrogen, methanol, motors, oil, rape, rapeseed, tesla, ufo, vege oil, vegetable oil, water, wind energy
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Australian Contest to Oil Up Some Girls

A couple of girls are oiled up by a couple lucky guys to see who could put on the baby oil faster. I think both guys won!

Tags: australian, babies, controversial titles, girls, lucky, oil
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Japanese Invent Car That Runs on Water !

( The full details about this car can be found on ) . Tired of petrol prices rising daily at the pump? A Japanese company has invented an electric-powered, and environmentally friendly, car that it says runs solely on water.

Tags: cars, ford, fuel, gas, genepax, gmc, h2o, hybrid, hydrogen, oil, petrol, toyota, water
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How to Start an Oil Painting Jace McTier

This is the technique that I use to start most of my oil paintings - you can view a written description by visiting: or to see more of Jace's art visit: Let me know if this helps anyone! Show me your art techniques!

Tags: art, artistic, artists, fun, oil, painting, portraits
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DIY Orange Candles

Here's an instructional video on how to make oil lamps out of Oranges! It's a romantic, easy, and smells good too!

Tags: awesome, candle, cheap, clementine, cool, diy, easy, fire, flames, glow, how, lamp, light, make, oil, orange, romantic, tangerine, tazer tie, up
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USB Popcorn Maker

Make fresh popcorn with your laptop.

Tags: cool, dit, experiments, gadgets, laptops, maker, oil, popcorn, project, salt, usb
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Huge Ass

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