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Islam Predicted Scientific Discoveries

if you want know about islam just chat me For in depth analysis and detailed calculations... (more) Added: November 25, 2007 For in depth analysis and detailed calculations:

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Video An Alarming Video Every Westerner Should See Tangle Com

Video An Alarming video every Westerner should see tangle com

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The Most Beautiful Asmaul Husna !!

This is the most beautiful Asmaul Husna (99 Names Of Allah) by famous indonesian motivator, Dr. Ary Ginajar, MasyaAllah very nice Asma Ul Husna that give me inspiration and strength to continue living in this world. Alhamdulillah..:) Find more at :-

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Naats/Hamds - Muhammad Yusuf Memon - Manchester - (1 of 6)

Manchester Naat Conference 1998 If you would like to see the video fully without it being in parts or if you want to download the full video go to If you would like to see the full Jalsa/Mehfil go to

Tags: allah, hamd, islam, madina, madinah, manchester, masjid, meman, memon, muhammad, mustafa, naat, naats/hamds, nabi, nabwi, nasheed, panjabi, punjabi, rasool, urdu, vicoria, yousaf, yousuf, yusaf, yusuf
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"The Best Lovestory" - "Die Beste Liebesgeschichte" - YUSUF ESTES - 3/3

Sheikh Yusuf Estes, ehemaliger Pfarrer aus Texas, spricht über falsche Auffassungen, Entstellungen und Missverständnisse, die den Islam betreffen und was der Islam lehrt. Er behandelt auch das Thema: "Wie war die Beziehung des Propheten Muhammad, Frieden und Segen auf ihn, zu seiner Frau Aisha"? Sheikh Yusuf Estes, former preacher in Christianity, is talking about misconceptions, misunderstandings and misrepresentations about Islam and what Islam teaches. He also answers the question: "How was the relationship between the prophet Muhammad,peace and blessings be upon him, and his wife Aisha?" ALLAH=GOTT Sie mehr über den Islam wissen möchten, finden Sie hier viele Vorträge und Informationen auf Deutsch z.B. "Der Sinn des Lebens","Was ist Islam", "Ist der Koran Gotteswort?","War Jesus Muslim?" "Muslime und Bibel?" EDLE QUR'AN - Kostenlos zum downloaden: Sie die ungefähre Bedeutung des Korans auf Deutsch lesen wollen: If you want information about Islam please visit the following websites with open mind and heart: you can read the BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD, peace and blessings be upon him, in different languages: Scientists comment on the Quran: If you have any questions, please go to this site: If you want to read the near meaning of the Holy Qur'an in English: downloads of Quran and authentic Hadith (Muhammad's life and teachings): Here you can download free a comprehensive learning guide to understanding Islam :

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